The new generation PlateRite 8600N series thermal CtP recorders from Screen are the successors to the world leading PlateRite 8000 Series.

The new generation PlateRite 8600N series thermal CtP recorders from Screen are the successors to the world leading PlateRite 8000 Series. Many years of experience and positive feedback from over 14.000 happy customers have led to further enhancements in design, specification and environmental friendliness.

The PlateRite 8600N-Z/S recorders output B1-size plates up to a blistering 23 B1-size plates per hour*. The PlateRite 8600N-E can output up to 14 B1-size plates per hour*. *1,030 x 800 mm (40.5 x 31.4") plates at 2,400dpi.

High resolution

The PlateRite 8600N-Z delivers high-resolution 4,000 dpi support. This is perfect for everything from high-resolution art printing to the accurate reproduction of small text sizes like those required for bond and other certificate printing. This also enables the PlateRite 8600N-Z to output high-quality 4,000 dpi 3D lenticular printing plates.

Productivity (1,030 x 800 mm (40.5" x 31.4") plates, at 2,400 dpi)

 Light source
(Laser diodes)
PlateRite 8600N-Z 64ch 23 Plates/hr
PlateRite 8600N-S 64ch 23 Plates/hr
PlateRite 8600N-E 32ch 14 Plates/hr

A full range of advanced features that support high quality and high productivity

Regular monitoring of production status from a remote location

Remote monitoring allows users to keep an eye on CtP operating conditions and output history from a remote location, using a web browser or e-mail. E-mails can also be sent automatically to the service center and entered into a database for use in maintenance, repairs, and periodic inspections, ensuring that the CtP recorder is in optimal operating condition at all times.

Stable drum rotation

The PlateRite 8600N features a unique auto-balancing feature. The operator simply selects the appropriate pre-registered plate size and type during setup, and the recorder automatically makes the necessary adjustments to ensure perfect drum balance.
This results in stable, high-speed drum rotation for all the plate sizes and thicknesses handled by the recorder.

Maximized available image area

The minimum clamp size that can be used with the The PlateRite 8600N are 8 mm, for both the leading and trailing edge clamps.
The available imaging area is extremely large, so plates can be used for a wide range of printing press types. This helps reduce the amount of effort involved in plate handling and increases printing press operating ratios, thereby contributing significantly to increased productivity.
* When the notchless The PlateRite 8600N (option) are selected, the clamp size is even smaller.

Screen has developed a unique plate clamping system that allows the drum to rotate at extremely high speeds, for significantly higher productivity. A function that makes it possible to change the position of the clamps depending on the plate size being used ensures support for a wide range of plate sizes.

Superior registration accuracy

The PlateRite 8600N features an automatic inline punching system that helps enable perfect registration on press. Plates are punched by this automatic inline punching system immediately before being loaded onto the drum. The registration punch holes ensure consistent plate placement on the drum, when used in conjunction with standard registration pins. This helps eliminate imaging variations caused by improper plate placement, and ensures superior registration accuracy.
When optional printing press punch blocks*1 are used, the imaged plates can be loaded directly onto the press after output.
The use of printing press punch blocks during plate output eliminates the need for manual punching later on in the workflow, ensures excellent registration accuracy, and creates the foundation for perfect results on press. It also dramatically shortens press make-ready time and improves press operating ratios, for even better overall productivity.
*1 Up to eight individual punch blocks can be selected and mounted, depending on the plate sizes and printing press types being used.

Upgrade to create the optimal CtP environment

The PlateRite 8600N-E has certain parts that can be replaced to upgrade them to the higher speed PlateRite 8600N-S model (upgrade is a paid option). These flexible recorders can be upgraded as productivity needs change to create an optimal production environment.

Check operation status at a glance

The PlateRite 8600N comes standard with a signal light at the top of the unit that makes it easy to check CtP operation status and see if there have been any errors. An optional signal tower that improves visibility regardless of the operator’s position is also available.

Improved productivity with automation of everything from plate loading to delivery

SA-L8800N single-cassette autoloader (option)

The SA-L8800N single-cassette autoloader can hold up to 100 plates, which makes long periods of continuous unmanned operation possible. It automatically removes interleaf paper and sends it to an external collection box just before each plate is loaded. No contact is made with the sensitive emulsion side of the plate at any stage during transport, eliminating the risk of damage to the plate. Manual loading is also possible, providing the flexibility to use different sized plates whenever required.

MA-L8800N multi-cassette autoloader (option)

The MA-L8800N multi-cassette autoloader enables complete automation of the cassette changing and plate loading processes. It is attached as an extension to the single-cassette autoloader. It comes standard with three cassettes, with each cassette holding up to 100 plates. An additional two cassettes are available as an option. The use of five cassettes enables automatic switching between up to 500 plates of five different sizes, as necessary for the job at hand. When the same size of plate is loaded in each cassette, extremely long periods of unmanned operation are possible.

Multi-bridge AT-M8001

The AT-M8001 is a multi-bridge that can connect the PlateRite 8600N/8300N to multiple plate processors. It allows you to connect the PlateRite 8600N/8300N to two different plate processors and then switch the transport line between them as necessary to process different types of plates at different plate processors. It’s also possible to set the transport line up in an L-shape. The flexibility to select the L-shape layout is particularly useful when a straight-line layout is not possible due to space constraints, or if a small automatic plate processor is used.

 PlateRite 8600N
Single-Casette autoloader SA-L8800N
Multi-Casette autoloader MA-L8800N
Processor bridge Built-in Bridge, AT-T8001R, AT-M8001