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About us

Founded in the summer of 2013, Hesse Trade Ltd. is now a group of companies with 26 colleagues - part of Goodwill Ltd., but its intellectual product is HessePack > and VisionXLaser . Thus, the company’s activities have become diversified and today it strives to offer an interesting and effective alternative in several segments.

Our strategic goal is to serve the transformation of the printing and packaging industry to the transition to the use of less environmentally damaging technologies.

Thus, we have concluded exclusive representation agreements with manufacturers who invest a lot in research and development, the main direction of which is the creation of environmentally friendly technologies in addition to efficiency and quality. Our main partners such as Durst, Komori, Kodak, Baldwin, Nilpeter, Autobond, Grafotronic are all such. On the other hand, we have searched for companies that are developing rapidly but can create reliable, stable, usable equipment at affordable prices: such as Rolam, Dayuan, JMD, Daqiao, BST, Guangming, Line O Matic, Pratham, Guowei.

Of course, we also continue to focus on the representation of our consumable manufacturers, and Kinyo, S&S, Hausleiter and Ikonos products also fit into this line.

Social responsibility is important to us, so we are committed to supporting the Food Bank and the Miracle Lamp Foundation with a multi-year contract.


Hesse Trade Kft


A new generation machine offering from the industry’s pioneer and trend-setting machine maker.

Environmentally friendly technologies. Uniform plate quality, minimal hazardous waste, predictable costs. Our record portfolio includes several environmentally friendly technologies.

New generation of measuring instruments on printing machines: eXact...

Flexo CTP based on the InkJet principle is also available in Hungary. Digital development of analog photopolymers. Flat Top Dot technology.

Software solutions from preparation, through publishers to machine room solutions.