29″ sheetfed UV inkjet digital printing system

  • No need for special paper
    Suitable for a range of stocks and sheet thicknesses, including ordinary offset paper
  • High print quality with an offset feel
    Stable quality with superior tone reproduction and register accuracy similar to offset
  • Postpress processes immediately
    With instant curing and one-pass double-sided printing, jobs are ready for finishing

The Impremia IS29s unearths new possibilities in digital printing

Digital printing advances, the new potential of on-demand printing through its combination with offset is highly anticipated, and digital printing systems have evolved into high-precision, high-quality production machines.

The Impremia IS29s pushes the boundaries of digital printing, meeting the needs of commercial printing, where short runs of many different printed products and short turnarounds are required, but also those of package printing, with increased productivity and efficiency.


Advanced Digital Printing System

Double-sided, one-pass printing with a level of register accuracy only possible from an offset press manufacturer. Boasting high productivity, and able to output 3,000 sheets per hour of up to 585 x 750 mm size, at a resolution of 1,200 dpi, to rival offset printing.

The Impremia IS29s offers sheet path technology that capitalizes on Komori’s previous range of experience in offset presses, and can handle a full array of paper thicknesses on a single machine. As a digital printing press inheriting the unique advantages offered only by Komori, the Impremia IS29s delivers a level of quality and productivity perfectly suited for use as a main production machine.

  1. Komori offset feeder
    The Impremia IS29s is ideal for the short turnaround on-demand printing environment that handles short runs of different printed products with the same high front/back register accuracy as offset printing
  2. Perfecting mechanism
    The machine incorporates a perfecting mechanism for not only 4-up single-sided, but also for 8-up double-sided impositions.
  3. LED UV dryer
    Provides suitability for a wide range of printing stocks and sheet thicknesses, instant curing and one-pass double-sided printing, making jobs immediately available for finishing.
  4. Easy interface
    Offers an integrated control of the press and functions as the window linking the press with various software and systems, utilising KHS-AI: a next-generation Integrated Control System.