Software solutions


Analog processes are moving at breathtaking speed during the digital revolution. Companies must keep up with digitalization to avoid being left behind.

Online stores have become an integral part of modern life. Everyone uses them, whether they want to buy something quickly and easily or offer their products to their target audience as simply as possible. The digital revolution necessitates the automation and digitization of production processes. At the same time, factors such as sustainability, quality, compatibility with supply chains and service play a large role. Therefore, the willingness and ability to change becomes a decisive success factor. These developments can already be observed in the field of large format printing, where there is a clear trend towards shorter production times, smaller series and just-in-time production. Large format products are an important tool for advertising, customer retention and information transfer. More and more new wishes and requirements require innovative and flexible products. Consumers expect a high level of comfort and at the same time want to realize their individuality. This means smaller and smaller batches and a greater number of variations.

Our goal is to provide customized web printing solutions combined with innovative technology. We offer you the exact solution that meets your tasks and the wishes of your customers. Your orders are fulfilled as simply as possible thanks to in-house developed automation processes – a benefit to the handling process and the customer’s journey to the shopping cart.

We can provide you a complete premium solution for customizable large format products. With Durst Smart Editor and Durst Smart Shop, we offer advanced technology that allows you to design and view products directly in real time in a browser.

The emphasis is on the communication of customizable graphic content and variable sizes. Additional product features such as eyelets or edge reinforcement can be defined and displayed graphically in the editor.

As an alternative to completely free online product design, you can also offer your customers a variety of templates that they can customize by adding their own text or logo. The upload function allows customers to load and check existing print data. The mockup function graphically displays the customized product in the shopping cart section in a realistic environment.

Print data is automatically transferred to production depending on the customer’s workflow. Therefore, you can respond to the different needs of customers and only need one portal for order management.


    • Retain your customers through a customized B2B portal
    • You can communicate with your customers through an internet platform
    • Organize your order fulfillment with integrated MIS functions


Our e-commerce solution helps you acquire new customers, whether you work with companies (B2B) or directly with end users (B2C).

    • Intuitive product configurators, online editors and sophisticated 3D previews allow customers to create personalized orders
    • You can easily manage your product portfolio and order management and get the tools you need to optimize your business
    • We support your online marketing with integrated tools


Our B2B portal integrates your customers and digitizes the print order process and communication with customers.

    • It enables simple and transparent communication and strengthens the relationship between the printer and the customer
    • We offer customers a unique tool to configure, customize and display their designs – fully tailored to their needs
    • All relevant data is organized and the printer and the client are easily accessible. We offer the tools you need to optimize your business



The Durst smart store means it is available at 24 hours a day. Prospective customers can obtain information about your product range at any time. The integrated Durst Smart Editor allows customers to design their personalized print products around the clock. They have constant access to the latest information on delivery times, stock levels and more.


You can achieve higher sales with new orders, more variations and automated processes.


Easier access for customers to products helps optimize supply chains, and for example, streamline incoming orders and improve order processes.


We focus on communicating customizable graphic content and variable sizes and layouts. In this process, our store serves as a platform for simple and clear communication with customers – eliminating misunderstandings.


Integrated online marketing analysis and monitoring tools support you in increasing the conversion rate.


Basically, you can offer any product in your online store. Depending on the focus of the business and the customer base, our web-printable software will help you implement the right marketing scenario. For example, you can sell wallpaper that customers create themselves online with images, text, and graphics. In addition, you can offer accessories such as wallpaper glue in your store. You can also give your clients design templates where they only need to change the text.


The backend system of the store allows you to influence customer-specific and product-specific work processes. The technology works in the background, providing accurate print data that eliminates the need for time-consuming correction of faulty print data.

Durst Smart Shop offers several interfaces for importing and exporting data, as well as interfaces for various payment methods and courier services, various image databases and continuous integration with Durst Workflow.


Your customer submits his order with a single click. The order confirmation is automatically generated and sent to both the customer and the store operator. All documents (confirmation, invoice, etc.) are created as PDF files and can include a customized letterhead header. You can check the order status online at any time and export the desired data.

Durst Smart Shop provides all the important functions of an online store, such as managing user accounts, managing different currencies, payment methods and shipping methods, product reviews, voucher codes, order history, quotation management, repeat orders and much more.

Your special features as an operator are sophisticated pricing and the use of print-specific attributes in product configuration.


Durst Smart Editor is an innovative graphic online editor that allows customers to create their own print templates in their browser. Anyone can design their own wallpaper, beach flag or other product quickly and easily – without installing any additional software.


A user-friendly graphical user interface and a wide range of tools allow you to design sophisticated layouts without any prior knowledge. Customers can design their products directly online or visually check existing ones – depending on the product, either in a simulated environment or in a 3D preview. Template technology is available for all products, allowing customers to offer ready-made designs.

Template products form the basis of integrated enterprise technology. You provide customers with a template that they can modify online using the Durst Smart Editor.


An online store with Durst Intelligent editor allows you to clearly distinguish yourself from the competition. These days (practically) everyone has a shop, but usually expects customers to be able to produce accurate print data to technical specifications themselves, or hire an agency to do it for them. The editor changes all that, allowing anyone to create their own print data quickly and easily. This is also why Durst Smart Shop is an excellent tool for customer retention, as all documents created by customers are stored in their customer account.

DURST SMART APP – Augmented reality – for greater attention

With many customizable products, the end user only has a vague idea of how the product will look later. With a built-in 3D preview function, Durst Smart Editor offers a solution that allows the customer to see the final product from all angles before purchasing. The integrated model function allows you to view customized products in a realistic environment.

The Durst Smart App goes one step further by using augmented reality to show the customized product directly at the intended point of use. For example, customers can see the display or beach flag in their own showrooms before ordering the product.

With the help of our award-winning application, it is possible to project the customized product directly into the customer’s own living or business environment on a tablet or smartphone. All they need to do is install the free app and enter a 4-digit code. The customized product can then be inspected in your own room. This turns shopping for printed material online into a very fun experience. Augmented reality allows customers to present selected products in a completely new and personal way. Use this innovation to create a personal, interactive shopping experience for customers.