Box binding



Bosid 180/46 automatic book sewing machine can be applied to wide range of paper–light paper, book paper, coated paper and recycled paper, with a production speed of up to 180 cycles/minute. Various high effective product become true for the extremely starting of the automatic edition function.

Automation and precision, speed and stability more perfectly reflect the sewing quality, flexible and simple operation.


ModellBosid 180 / 46
Maximum workable size (mm)460 x 320
Minimum workable size (mm)120 x 75
Compressor capacity40 N/m³, 6 bar
Number of needles (pcs)11
Needle lenght (mm)19
Maximum speed (strokes/min)180
Power (kW)9 kW
Size (L x W x H, mm)2850 x 1200 x 1750
Weight (kg)3500


Digital Robot 2000A is a fully automated four-clamp perfect binder with maximum flexibilty for off-line and near-line book binding production for on-demand printing.

It features fully automated set-up through touch screen or via barcode scanning, integrated thickness auto-measurement, short changeover time for various binding formats, interchangeable EVA and PUR system (option), which makes Digital Robot 2000A an ideal solution for both digital and offset production.

Modular design of Digital Robot 2000A provides broad connectivity to digital three-knife trimmer and digital stacker to achieve an intergrated production line. It needs only one operator to finish the production from book blocks to perfect finished books, which offers a great saving on the labor forces.


  • Fast Automatic Changeover: Automatic job changeover can be accurately completed down to 10s for book thickness change and book formats at the fastest speed.
  • High Production Efficiency: Binding production speed can reach up to 1,600 books/hour, together with best-in-class binding quality for both digital and offset production.
  • Integrated Auto Book Thickness Measurement: Simply put the book block in the pneumatic book clamp, book thickness will be automatically measured and the machine will finish all thickness relevant adjustment in just 5 seconds. which provides greater production efficiency.
  • Designed for Industrial Production: Digital Robot 2000A can run 24 hours x 7 days to assure ulitimate production need, thanks to the robust construction with European high quality standards.
  • Optional PUR Gluing Station: User-oriented moveable glue tank design allows changeover between EVA and PUR glue application system in just minutes.



  • Production monitoring and quality control through the touch screen
  • Easy set—up and quick changeover for different stitching formats
  • Automatic signature inspection system that can detect miss-feeds, multi-feeds and paper jam 1: 1 or 1: 2 feeder speed change mechanism for flexible production
  • Optional middle knife for split cut to make double-book production in an economical way
  • Optional hand feeding station for convenient feeding of additional signatures
  • Automatic image recognition system and missing stitch detector (option)