Box making



The GM-650 Auto. Folder Gluer is primarily designed for the production of colour boxes. It provides stable and high-performance production, efficient operation and fast changeover times, even for complex box designs. Each component is designed for fast and easy operation to greatly improve operator efficiency.

The feeder section is equipped with specially manufactured blades and a vibration motor to ensure high stability. Suction and perforated belts support correct feeding without skewing.

The pre-folding section ensures correct crease lines for high-speed production, which greatly facilitates subsequent automatic processes.

The speed of the left and right folding belts can be independently adjusted in the final folding section for comfortable and fast operation.

The extendable Pressing Bar is adjustable to different box designs. It can automatically track the position at any production speed.


Box typesStraight Line, Double Sides, Crash-Lock
Straight Line working size
Lenght min/max70 / 550 mm
Width min/max130 / 650 mm
Double Sides working size
Lenght min/max100 / 500 mm
Width min/max80 / 550 mm
·               Crash-Lock
Lenght min/max120 / 600 mm
Width min/max160 / 600 mm
4 corner size (optional)
Lenght min/max120 / 550 mm
Width min/max130 / 600 mm
Max belt speed20-350 M/Min
Dimension11,3 * 1,1 m
Weight5,2 t
Total power12 kW