Case making


ZFM-700/1000/1350A Series Automatic Case Making Machine uses servo driving , photoelectric detecting, servo positioning and other new technologies as well. They can finish the processes of paper feeding, gluing, board feeding, positioning and four-side folding automatically with high accuracy, fast speed and high quality .It is the effective solution for customers of printing and packaging industry with high-volume production in producing the package for wines, cigarettes,moon cakes, tea, mobile phones, underwear, handicrafts, and cosmetics etc, making file folders, calendars, and other hardcover books as well.

The finished product size is as large as 1350×600 mm

The positioning accuracy is up to ±0.2mm

It can be used to make triangle, “S” shape, curve etc. irregular shape products without any mould. It makes production more effective, not only saves cost, but also saves time and energy.

The glue tank with heat preservating and automatic recycling function, saves energy for 60% comparing with traditional glue tank.


Maximum board size450mm×720mm450mm×950mm600mm×1050mm600mm×1350mm
Minimum board size90mm×180mm90mm×180mm140mm×240mm140mm×240mm
board thickness1.0-3.0mm1.0-3.0mm1.0-3.0mm1.0-3.0mm
Paper weight105-210g105-210g105-210g105-210g
Maximum speed20-30 db/perc20-30 db/perc15-25 db/perc10-20 db/perc
Dimensions (LxWxH)8500×2600×1500mm9750×2600×1500mm10440×3000×1500mm11500×3000×1500mm
Pozitioning accuracyA:±0.25mm/B:±0.75mmA:±0.25mm/B:±0.75mm±0.5mm±0.5mm
board qty1-6 pcs1-6 pcs1-6 pcs1-5 pcs
Minimum spine-width8mm8mm8mm8mm