Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine With Stripping & Blanking

The MHK series Automatic Die Cutting & Creasing Machine with Stripping (Lead Edge Feeder) manufactured by Zhejiang Dayuan Machinery Co., Ltd.,it can efficiently complete the die cutting and embossing of products,as well as maintaining the highest precision and product quality.The MHK series Automatic Die Cutting & Creasing Machine with Stripping (Lead Edge Feeder) are well equipped and almost can adapt to all die cutting requirements of products.

Adopt nodular cast iron-QT500-7, the mainframe wallboard casting by special technology process, thus featuring by high strength, never deformation and ensure the safety of the mainframe wallboard.

Adopt Taiwan-imported intermittent mechanism to ensure that the machine operates accurately. Also, the main engine is equipped with overload protection device and torque limit clutch,to ensure that when they being impacted by external force can stops immediately to reduce the damage to the machine body and teeth precision and reduce the occurrence of failure rate.

  • The machine uses NSK imported original bearing and original parts imported from Germany Moeller, Japanese OMRON etc.
  • Key parts of teeth row are imported from Japan.
  • Siemens main motor ensures machine running stable.
  • Adopt Japanese SMC and Taiwan AIRTAC pneumatic components to ensure every pneumatic action performs accurately.
  • The front and side gauge adopts photoelectric system.
  • The craft shaft is adopts Germany Ni-Cr-Mo metal steel, with high precision and will never deform.
  • Equiped with touch-screen operation interface.


Stock range Cardboard: 90-1000gsm
Corrugated board: ≦4mm
Max. sheet size 1060x760(mm)
Min. sheet size 400x350(mm)
Inner chase size1080x770(mm)
Max. die cutting size 1060x745(mm)
Min. gripper margin 9-17 mm
Cutting rule height 23.8 mm
Min. Width of double cuts5 mm
Max. die cutting pressure 300 ton
Max. mechanical speed 7000(s/h)
Designed max. mechanical speed 8000(s/h)
Max. pile height at feeder-normal mode1800 mm
Max. pile height at feeder-non stop mode1520 mm
Max. pile height at delivery1580 mm
Main motor power15 kw
Total power required26 kw
Machine dimension 10298(L)x5857(W)x2657(mm)
Machine net weight 22    on


1050S Automatic Die Cutting Machine with Stripping Unit. It can run large formats.

High precision, high speed, easy to operate, quick changeovers, dura­bility and stable performance. Features that make this machine one of the best options available.


  • Automatic feeder with non-stop system.
  • Pallet & cart direct load.
  • 4 lift-up and 4 delivery suckers, designed to handle a wide range of materials from paper to corrugated board. They guarantee the accuracy, reliability and smoothness of paper feeding.
  • Double sheet detector.
  • Side-register table with 6 belts.
  • 2 register side guides working with pulling and pushing system.
  • 4 register front lays, independently adjustable
  • Pressure control system, can be easily adjusted through touch screen. It has a security system to avoid any damage in the press.
  • Manual & automatic lubrication system.
  • Non-stop device with automatic conveyor at delivery


MP800 has the traditional functions—automatic stripping and the die-cutting, which can clean up all litters and wasteful edges (except the gripper edge) around the package box while die-cutting, especially suitable for complicated cigarette-package.
It is easy to operate it because the stripping frame can be lifted electricly and it also has the center-positioning system to shorten the preparation time largely.

The stripping system adopts three-frame linkage structure to make stripping much more rational and meanwhile, it solves problems for the high-speed and loosen-version during the stripping. The unique gripper-mouth separation-system makes the wasteful edge separate effectively and is also convenient for shifting between the die-cutting and stripping.

The high-precision cam structure guarantees the machine to run stably and smoothly, which is produced by the professional manufacturer.


Max. Paper Size800X620mm
Min. Paper Size360 X 290mm
Max. Die-Cutting Size 790X 610mm
Max. Die-Cutting Speed 8000 s/h
Max. Stripping Speed 6500 s/h
Max. Working Pressure200 T
Die-cutting Precision≤±0.1mm
Sheet Thickness Cardboard: 0.1 -1.5mm
Corrugated Board: ≤4mm
Net Weight 11T
Total Power 17.55kw
Overall Dimensions4850x1785x2000mm
(Not include the foot plate)