Folding gluing


GS Automatic high speed folder gluer models are equipped with advanced state of the art technologies for fast job changeover, especially focussed on multi-type work capabilities with medium-long to shorter run lengths in mind.

Motorized carriers, full and sectional job/memory recall, new universal multi-function section with integrated bump & turn allows to turn cartons 90º and its alignment. Pre-breaker device by outer belts on both sides. New drives technologies, extra length crash lock bottom section. Extra folding & closing section with collapsible central carrier, able to produce complex carton structures, straight line, lock bottom, 4 & 6 corner cartons and more.

GS series machine has emerged with high automation and fully functional, which help box manufacturer to make the best use of paper material and improve efficiency of box producing.


Paper materialCardboard 210 - 800 gsm A/B/E Flute
Max. speed400 m/min
Max. thickness of folded box12 mm
Way of foldingFold 1 and Fold 3 are 180o and 165o
Blank width650 mm800 mm1100 mm
Power supply3 P, 380 V, 50 Hz
Total power28.6 kW31.18 kW31.18 kW
Lenght x Width x Height13 x 1.53 x 1.3 m15 x 1.53 x 1.3 m15 x 1.53 x 1.3 m
Net weight5.5 t6.5 t7.5 t