FIT Invado Thermal CTP Plate is especially designed for cost-conscious printers, who need medium to long run lengths with high-performance press quality. It uses advanced thermal plate technology to deliver 1-99% at 250 lpi resolutions, which will satisfy general commercial print quality requirements. Manufactured with strict quality control production procedures, FIT Invado is able to provide printers excellent and reliable pre-press and print results.


Type:Positive thermal CTP Plate
Suitable for:Medium to long run length commercial printing
Substrate:High quality grained and anodized aluminum
Maximum width:1480 mm
Spectral sensitivity:830 nm
Exposure energy:120-150 mj/cm2
Resolution:1-99%@250 lpi 
Run length*:100,000 unbaked, 1million impressions when post-baked
*Run length depends on processing and printing quality control and conditions.
UV ink compatibility:Applicable with UV inks when post-baked
Shelf life:18 months when stored away from excessive cold, heat and humidity
Storage conditions:Store plates flat in their packaging, away from excessive cold, heat or high humidity at 5℃~30℃, with RH between 40~80%.
Post-baking recommendation:230 ~ 250 ℃ , 5 ~ 8 minutes