Our Philosophy

Nature-friendly philosophy, environmentally friendly technologies

At Hesse Trade Kft, in addition to doing our everyday work, we have long been interested in how we can contribute to our society in other ways in addition to serving our customers. Thus, since the founding of the company, we have been looking for organizations whose goals we agree with, so we have became a gold-level supporter of the Food-Bank three years ago, and a „Golden-lamp” supporter of the Wonderlamp Foundation.

However, we thought that today, as the world revolves around us, we must also focus our energies on protecting the environment.

For this reason, in recent years, we have given preference to manufacturers and technologies that we see more to help keep our world livable. We believe that in almost every segment, from the preparation for the printing industry, through printing, there are solutions, equipment and technologies that can be used to perform the same processes in a way that is a little less burdensome for our world than we are used to.

We also see the need for new solutions all the time, as the products created by the industries we serve are constantly changing, becoming more unique, more special, more beautiful.

New products are created, we drink from paper cup at the festival, we get the soup in a paper box, the book in a pressed corrugated cardboard collection box, if we order, there will be no plastic bag for a long time…

The equipment available at www.hessepack.com (operated by Hesse Trade Kft.) and also the equipment distributed by Hesse Trade Kft. provides solutions to the above challenges.